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What is Mum Will Know all about?

Mum Will Know is a podcast hosted by midwife and mum Claire Wind.


Whether you’re a new mum, have a whole tribe of kids, or you’re thinking of having kids in the future, Mum Will Know is about helping you be the best mum you can be. By providing evidence-based, current research - each episode is aimed at equipping and educating mums and would-be mums out there to make well-informed decisions that you can feel confident in.

Topics range from conception to kids in kindergarten and include interviews with experts, insights from Claire’s perspective as a midwife, and chats with mums about their thoughts and experiences, all in a conversational and easy-to-understand manner.

Check out the full list of episodes on the LISTEN tab or subscribe through your favourite podcast app.

For further reading about each topic you can get links to research articles via the SHOW NOTES page.


A little about Claire:

Claire has experience working as a midwife in both public and private hospitals throughout NSW, Australia. 

She had her first child Rupert in October 2019 by vaginal breech birth - listen to her birth story on Episode 2 "My Breech Birth". Her second child Esther was born in June 2021.

If you have any questions or suggestions for episodes: 


"Absolutely loving listening to these few episodes. Claire is enjoyable to listen to, has a great perspective and I appreciate hearing evidence in a non judgey tone using language that's easy to understand. Can't wait for next weeks ep!"


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