Anna Scammell: Pelvic Floor, Core & so much more...

Today’s interview with Sydney based women’s health physiotherapist Anna Scammell covers everything you could think of relating to childbirth and physiotherapy. We discuss the importance of preventative and proactive work that begins in pregnancy, and then go through to discuss labour and birth and the many postnatal concerns that women face.

Anna shares her top tips to minimising abdominal separation, ways to avoid postnatal incontinence or prolapse, how to best prepare your body and pelvic floor for labour and birth, and how to rest and recover following childbirth.

If you’ve ever asked these questions, or you haven’t even thought of them but now realise they are probably worth considering since you’ve given birth then listen to this episode!!

- How do you do pelvic floor exercises?

- Why are pelvic floor exercises important in pregnancy and postnatally?

- How important in diet and exercise in pregnancy?

- Is it normal to be constipated in pregnancy?

- How can I prevent back and pelvic pain in pregnancy?

- How can I best prepare my body for labour and birth?

- Why use a TENS machine in labour? And how does a TENS machine work?

- How will childbirth affect my body?

- Is it better to tear or have an episiotomy?

- When can I start exercising after giving birth?

- When can you have sex after giving birth?

- How do you fix abdominal separation?

- Is it normal to have incontinence during pregnancy and after giving birth?

- How common is it to have a prolapse and how do I know if I have a prolapse?

We extensively cover these topics and more, so if you’re a woman and are planning to or have had a baby don’t miss this episode.

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