Brooke Maree - Babywearing

Babywearing is not a new concept. In fact, carrying babies on their mothers, or other care givers chest, hip or back has been around forever. But in Western culture today, with designer prams and working mothers, babywearing isn’t seen as the norm. This episode I chat with babywearing consultant Brooke about why we need to keep wearing our babies. Things we cover include:

- What is babywearing?

- What are the benefits of babywearing? For mum & baby?

- What age does babywearing work for?

- Can you spoil babies?

- How does babywearing encourage attachment?

- Is there are time after birth when babywearing isn’t recommended?

- Can you babywear after a caesarean section?

- Is babywearing bad for women’s pelvic floor?

- What are some common questions or issues that come up around babywearing?

- What babywearing options are available and what is best for my child?

To find out more about babywearing and browse a selection of different carriers, check out Brooke’s website and social media:

- Instagram @brookemaree.babywearing

- Facebook

- Website

- Kanga Training

Photo by @soniabrzezniak