Chris Barnes: Birth Trauma

It’s Birth Trauma Awareness Week so this episode I’m speaking with clinical team leader of Gidget Foundation and clinical psychologist Chris Barnes.

With 1/3 women describing their birth experience as traumatic in Australia this topic is one that is so common and needs to be spoken about more.

Chris covers a range of aspects to the topic of birth trauma including:

- How common is birth trauma?

- What are some reasons women experience birth trauma?

- What are some symptoms of birth trauma?

- What is the difference between birth trauma, PTSD and PND (postnatal depression)?

- How does birth trauma effect a woman’s life and relationships

- How to process a birth that didn’t go as planned

- Tips on how to recover from birth trauma

- Steps for how to prepare for a subsequent labour and birth following a traumatic experience

- How common is birth trauma for partners/dads?

- How can we support and care for friends/partners who’ve experienced birth trauma?

Resources Chris shared for those experiencing birth trauma:

- Gidget Foundation

- Birth trauma

- PANDA helpline 1300 726 306

- GP

- Australian birth trauma association FB group

- Centre of perinatal excellence COPE Melbourne

Art by @aolanow