Deb Sirone - Baby Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage!? When you’re worked up, exhausted or stressed, having a massage can literally work wonders. So why not start massaging our kids? Other cultures have been doing this for centuries… so it’s time we caught up!

Today I chat with Deb Sirone of Nurture Me Massage about baby massage. We cover the many benefits and research that supports this practice and some practical do’s and don’ts when starting to massage young bubbas. Deb specifically talks about cue-based massage and learning to read and understand our babies in order to appropriately time a massage.

Some other points we cover include:

- The history/background of infant massage

- Benefits of baby massage

- Why baby cues are important

- What age should we start practicing baby massage?

- What is the best time to massage a baby?

- What equipment or set-up do parents need in order to practice infant massage?

- Is there any ‘wrong’ way to massage a baby?

To follow up with Deb, find her at:

- Website

- Instagram

Also if you’re trying to chase down the books she recommended, look no further:

- Your Baby is Speaking to You by Kevin Nugent

- Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents by Vimala McClure

Photo by: @kappu_kastoori