Dietician Robyn Compton - Gestational Diabetes

The number of women diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes in Australia has more than doubled every year for the past decade! This increasingly common diagnosis comes with a lot of fear and often feelings of guilt. So, as always, it’s worth looking into what is going on…

In this episode I speak with Melbourne Dietician and mum Robyn Compton. Robyn has over 30 years’ experience as a dietician and has a particular interest in diabetes, PCOS and educating women around how diet and exercise can impact their health. Today we cover topics including:

- What is Gestational Diabetes (GDM)?

- How common is Gestational Diabetes in Australia?

- What are the risks of having GDM on both mother and baby?

- When in pregnancy is Gestational Diabetes tested for, and what does the test involve?

- What puts women at risk for developing Gestational Diabetes?

- Is there anything I can do to avoid getting Gestational Diabetes?

- What happens if you are diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes?

- What do Blood Sugar Levels (BSLs) mean?

- How can women manage Blood Sugar Levels through diet? What should and shouldn’t we be eating?

- What are some easy changes we can make in our diet to ensure we are eating lower GI foods?

- Does exercise affect BSLs?

- Why do some women require insulin to manage their Gestational Diabetes?

- How is insulin administered and what does it do?

- What changes during labour and delivery for women with Gestational Diabetes?

- How can mothers prepare for the potential side effects to the baby that come from GDM?

- Does Gestational Diabetes continue after birth? And what changes in terms of monitoring Blood Sugar Levels?

- Does having Gestational Diabetes mean you are more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes?

I say it with every episode, but it’s well worth a listen this one…

To connect with Robyn find her on:

Instagram - @gestationaldiabetes_dietician

Twitter - @Robcomrant

Email –

Private consulting suites at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Melbourne – (03) 9344 5095

Photo by: @ilsa_whk