Dr Andrew Bisits: Breech Birth

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

This episode I have the honour of interviewing Dr Andrew Bisits about breech birth in Australia. Dr Bisits is the Medical Co-Director of Maternity at Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women and has been an obstetrician for 36 years. Dr Bisits has a special interest and focus on breech birth to which he has written multiple research papers. He is also one of the main contributors to developing the BABE (Becoming a Breech Expert) training course for health professionals and is the reason hospitals like John Hunter in Newcastle and the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney are so supportive of vaginal breech births.

This episode is exactly what I needed to listen to 8 months ago when I found out at 35 weeks pregnant that my baby was breech. It covers questions like:

· What is breech and why does is matter?

· What is an ECV?

· What are the benefits and risks to having a breech baby by either caesarean or vaginal birth?

· What factors make someone a good candidate to have a vaginal breech birth?

· Why is it that only some hospitals support vaginal breech birth?

· How does a vaginal breech labour and birth differ to management of a head first/cephalic birth?

· What questions should women wanting a vaginal breech birth be asking their specific care provider?

Dr Bisits has a wealth of knowledge to share and speaks very positively of vaginal breech birth. He has also generously offered that if you have any questions about breech birth you are welcome to follow up with him by either calling the Royal Hospital for Women and asking to speak with him or by facebook messaging him at Andrew Bisits:

This episode is definitely worth a listen to - not only to learn about breech but to hear about the changes to maternity and birth care in Australia. Don’t miss it.

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