Dr Kyla - Starting solids & fussy toddlers. Making mealtimes stress free

Starting solids, fussy toddlers… mealtimes can be really stressful with young kids. But they don’t need to be! Today I chat with Paediatric Dietician Dr Kyla about how to make mealtimes stress-free. Kyla shares how important our role is as parents in helping our kids have a positive relationship with food, and how so much of that falls back on us trusting our little ones around food. Letting them decide what to eat and not to eat (after we’ve offered a healthy range of foods) and trusting they know best when it comes to how much they need to eat as well.

We focus on the transition into solids as well as some common challenges that arise around mealtimes and toddlers. Topics/questions include:


- When should babies start solid food?

- How important are solids when it comes to a baby’s nutrition? Is food before one just for fun?

- What is Baby Led Weaning?

- Benefits of Baby Led Weaning vs Spoon Fed Purees?

- Common issues when starting solids eg. constipation?

- Does starting solids help relieve reflux?

- What foods are most important to start with?

- What is the best way to introduce allergens?


- Tips for getting toddlers to eat veggies

- Why do toddlers throw food and What to do when your toddler throws food?

- If toddler refuses dinner will this affect their sleep overnight?

- Is it wrong to offer dessert to a toddler?

There’s so much in this episode that is helpful, whether you’re about to start offering solids or if you’ve got kids of any age and want to understand how to properly support them towards positive food associations.

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Photo by @chiieita