Dr Pamela Douglas - Reflux, Allergies, Sensory Stimulation & Sleep

New parenthood is hard enough when you throw together a newborn baby, limited communication and never enough sleep… but then to receive overwhelming amounts of well-meaning but often conflicting advice, can leave even the most maternally gifted of us scrambling and losing our minds in stress.

Today’s episode focusses on providing evidence-based information to help parents understand their babies more, in order to enjoy this special time with their newborns, despite the challenges that may arise. I speak with Dr Pamela Douglas of The Possums Clinic about specific issues including reflux, allergies, babies’ sensory needs and sleep.

We address questions like:

- What is The Possums Clinic?

- What does the research say about reflux? Is medication the best treatment for reflux?

- What does the research say about allergies in newborns?

- Should mothers be eliminating foods from their own diets whilst breastfeeding?

- How much sensory stimulation do babies need?

- Can babies be over-stimulated?

- What does the research say about sleep training?

- What can parents do if they want to avoid sleep training methods, but still need sleep!

- What are some tips for parents to practically cope with minimal sleep?

- What is The Discontented Little Baby Book about?

To find out more and to get links to The Possums Clinic, check out these links:

- Website

- Possums Brisbane Clinic

- Instagram

- Facebook

- Youtube

- Podcast

And here’s Pamela’s book ‘The Discontented Little Baby Book’

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Photo by: @kw.image