Dr Preeya Alexander: Immunisations

Vaccinations are something that every parent needs to know about but it seems to be a topic that people shy away from talking about due to strong feelings on both sides. It’s kind of like politics or religion… immunisations… So of course it’s a topic to unpack and be informed about!

This episode I interview Dr Preeya Alexander, a GP and mum based in Melbourne and we discuss all things vaccinations.

Questions we cover include:

- What is a vaccination and why are they important?

- What is the difference between a live and non-live vaccine?

- What vaccinations are recommended in pregnancy?

- Why is it important for pregnant women to be vaccinated?

- Why should young children be vaccinated?

- What vaccinations are recommended for children in the first few years?

- What are some side effects that can occur following an immunisation and how can we manage them?

- Does having a vaccination lower a person’s immunity for a time?

- Should you put off having a scheduled vaccine if your child is sick?

- Do vaccines contain harmful chemicals?

- Can a live vaccine spread or be contagious?

- Are immunisations linked to autism?

- Why do we now have a chickenpox vaccination?

- What is heard immunity?

- How should we prepare our children for their vaccinations – looking at diet and how to speak to our kids about it.

- Can vaccines be replaced by natural or herbal remedies?

Make sure you listen along as Preeya really clearly answers these questions and more.

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Photo by @birthwithbeth_