Fiona Weaver: How so much changes when you become a mother...

In this episode I wanted to focus our attention on the changes that come as women become mothers. It’s such a massive shift to our identity, to relationships, to how we think about and see the world… and it's often not spoken about. We talk so much about planning a birth, or the nursery, and making sure we have everything on the list of baby goods as we prepare for bub to arrive… but often we don’t talk about how significantly our lives change as we transition into motherhood.

I speak with social worker and mum of two Fiona Weaver on the topic of motherhood. Fiona runs a small business called Mama Matters where she specialises in attachment centred sleep support. Make sure you listen in to this one as Fiona is warm and encouraging and very down to earth!

To whet your appetite, these are some of the things we touch on:

- What changes in a woman when she becomes a mother? (Physiologically, identity, relationships, etc.)

- What is baby brain and is it real?

- What does the word Matrescence mean?

- Daniel Stern’s ‘The Motherhood Constellation’ unpacked

- Is it normal to be anxious and fearful as a new mum?

- Can we trust ‘mothers’ instinct’?

- Tips on how to trust what feels right for us when there’s so much conflicting advice and information coming at us

- If it takes a village to raise a child, how can we prepare ourselves for motherhood with good support?

- When rubber hits the road, what do our babies need from us?

- Do kids need perfect or does ‘good enough’ cut it?

- When we make mistakes as parents, how can we repair that relationship with our children?

- How can we prepare ourselves for return to work and is it normal to love the job you do but really hate the idea of leaving your baby and returning to work?

- Is it possible to juggle work and parenting?

- Is self-care important for mothers? And what does it look like?

I hope this episode resonates with your journey into motherhood, and has you nodding along as Fiona shares some of the real feelings and thoughts that I know I definitely experience… and if you’re not yet a mum, I hope this sheds some light on some of what is to come for you, and helps you prepare mentally for the joys but also the harder times that arise when you’re a mum.

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To connect with Fiona you can find her here:

- Website –

- Instagram –

And if you want to follow up on some of the resources she mentioned check out:

- The Power of Showing Up by Daniel Siegel & Tina Payne Bryson

- Dr Alexandra Sacks TED talk on Matrescence

Photo by @atelier_juliescheurweghs