Gail Tully - Spinning Babies

Eager to learn how you can prepare for an easier birth? Enter Gail Tully and her Spinning Babies philosophy.

This episode, we talk about the baby’s role in birth, and how women can be empowered through knowledge of anatomy and physical preparation to ensure all their different body parts work in harmony to create a smoother birth experience.

Gail answers questions including:

- What is Spinning Babies

- Why should women learn about their bodies during pregnancy?

- What is the baby’s role during labour and birth?

- What is Belly Mapping and why learn this skill?

- When should women start practicing Spinning Babies exercises?

- Can Spinning Babies exercises be used during labour?

Gail also shares her thoughts about fear around childbirth and what women can be doing physically to reduce the fear they may have, or ensure the fear they experience is beneficial as a motivator for preparation for birth.

If you’re keen to learn more about Spinning Babies check out:

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Gail has also sent through a free info resource on Skin-to-skin and a list of Spinning Babies Certified Parent Educators and Aware Practitioners in Australia for those interested:

Download PDF • 1.08MB

Spinning Babies Australia
Download PDF • 394KB

And if you're interested to hear my experience trying out Spinning Babies exercises, and eventually having a vaginal breech birth, check out episode 2

Photo by: @goldenyogimama via @motherdownunder