Hannah Alexander: Our Year Outdoors

Updated: Jun 2, 2020



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This is definitely an episode to be listened to, if I do say so myself... Hannah has this way with words, which carries you along in her storytelling and makes you eager for more. She shares beautiful stories of how she and her family's lives completely changed after committing to spending at least 3 hours outside every day, for an entire year.

Hear about how her kids fought less, went to bed early and were generally just happier people.

And to convince us even more of the value of time outside, Hannah shares research from the UK, US and Australia around technology, outdoors play and its relation to sleep, mental health, and physical health.

"It's like magic! It makes parenting so much easier..."

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one, cos it's definitely inspired me...

Hannah mentioned two books in the interview which you may be interested in getting your hands on (I know I will be!):

- Here, Now by Kate Merrick

- Balanced and Barefoot

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