Hannah Alexander - Responsive Parenting

What effect does the way we parent have on our children? Is there a correlation between our parenting, discipline and teaching of our kids and their learning? In this episode Hannah Alexander explains how important the way we parent our young kids is in their development, their mental health, the way they see themselves and the world.

The conversation covers so much including:

- Parenting styles

- If boundaries are necessary for little kids

- What is respectful parenting?

- Should a parent child relationship be like a friendship?

- Do we need to ask permission before we change our baby's nappy?

- When should we start thinking about parenting styles and how we plan to parent our children?

- What is attachment parenting?

- What does the research say about sleep and routines?

- Why is it important we listen and recognise our children's feelings?

- How should we praise our kids and why?

- How do we get our kids to listen?

- What about when our child does the wrong thing?

- Are time outs and sticker charts helpful parenting tools?

- Are there specific things we should try to avoid saying to our kids and if so, what we can say instead?

- What does it mean to be a reflective parent?

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And to read more about this topic Hannah has shared the books, studies and articles she’s mentioned in the episode here:


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