Hazel Keedle: VBAC

This episode midwife and researcher Hazel Keedle from Western Sydney University shares her latest research on VBAC’s (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean). She starts off by sharing her own personal story of having a VBAC and then unpacks the research around VBACs and in particular women’s experiences of planning a VBAC in Australia. Hazel is super passionate and explains really clearly some of the statistics but also the feelings and emotions that come up for women who are planning a VBAC. She shares this beautiful idea that women are on a ‘journey from pain to power’ and brings up the importance of a woman’s birth story and how it can affect her for years to come. Hazel also shares some advice to women planning a VBAC, a lot of which I think can be helpful for any women who have had a previous traumatic birth experience (doesn’t have to be a Caesarean).

I say it in all the show notes, but listening to the full episode is so worthwhile! Not only will you hear all the research unpacked and the following questions answered, but you will also get swept away by the passion and enthusiasm that Hazel has when she speaks about this topic – it’s contagious!

Questions covered include:

- How common is a VBAC in Australia?

- What are the risks of having a VBAC?

- Are there any reasons why a VBAC should not be attempted?

- What are the benefits of having a VBAC?

- How are women experiencing a “journey from pain to power” through having a VBAC?

- What models of care in Australia support VBAC?

- How important is midwifery continuity of care?

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