Janine O'Brien: Homebirth and Private Midwifery in Australia

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

In today’s episode I chat with privately practicing midwife, Janine O’Brien about homebirth in Australia and what private midwifery entails. She answers questions like:

- Is homebirth safe?

- How much does it cost to have private midwifery care?

- What is involved in having a homebirth?

- What does the research say around homebirth and continuity of midwifery care?

Janine also shares glimpses into her own three birth experiences; a caesarean section, a VBAC in hospital and then most recently a homebirth.

If you’re interested in hearing what homebirth is really like, and how more and more women in Australia are now seeking homebirth as a choice, listen in.

And if you’ve had a homebirth yourself or experience with continuity of midwifery care or a private midwife I’d love to hear about your experience so jump across to the IG page @mumwillknow to fill me in.

To see more about Janine’s birth and her work as a privately practicing midwife head to:

Website –

FB – ibirth - intimate birth & beginnings

IG – @janineatibirth

Photo by Rebecca Lawrence Photography