Julie Borninkhof: Perinatal Mental Health

PANDA runs Australia’s only National Helpline for perinatal anxiety and depression as well as other vulnerabilities and mental illness related to pregnancy and parenting. This resource is invaluable to our community as Australia records 1/5 women and 1/10 men experience perinatal anxiety and depression and 1/1000 women are diagnosed with postnatal psychosis! And of course there’s also every parents juggle and struggle to adjust to the challenges and changes that come with having a baby. This episode I interview PANDA CEO Julie Borninkhof about all things perinatal mental health.

We cover a range of questions and topics including:

- What is PANDA and what services does it offer?

- Are pregnancy and parenthood risk factors for developing mental health disorders?

- How common are mental health disorders in the perinatal period?

- What are some of the risk factors for developing a perinatal mental health illness?

- Is it normal to feel worried or depressed during pregnancy?

- How do the baby blues differ from postnatal depression?

- What are symptoms of antenatal or postnatal anxiety?

- What effect do perinatal mental health disorders have on women, their families and the community?

- Why is it important that women get the right help during this time?

- What is postnatal psychosis and are there specific women who are more at risk to develop it?

- How common is it for partners/dads to develop a perinatal mental health disorder?

- Tips on how to adjust or look after ourselves (in particular our mental health) during the perinatal period

- What resources has PANDA got to assist people in the perinatal period during covid19?

- What are some ways we can be supportive and looking out for people in our community when it comes to perinatal mental health?

Places Julie mentioned to find support:

PANDA Helpline: 1300 726 306

PANDA website

Commonwealth Gov Head to Health

Peach Tree

Perinatal Wellebing Centre

Gidget Foundation

And see your GP or primary source of health support eg. midwife, doula, doctor, existing psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor etc

Art by @fiorenza_art