Karen McClay: Calmbirth

For part 3 of my mini series on Childbirth Education options, I speak with Calmbirth director Karen McClay. Following in her father’s footsteps as a midwife and Calmbirth educator, Karen opens up how birth is not just about birthing a baby, but the birth of a mother too. She delves into the importance of acknowledging the emotional side of birth and parenting and discusses how the event of giving birth is monumental in preparing a couple to face parenthood. Karen shares exactly what to expect from a Calmbirth course and offers wisdom on the importance of education in all aspects of life.

Karen generously shares some of her own birth and parenting experience as well as covering topics including:

- How Calmbirth began?

- Why is birth important?

- Why is birth education important?

- What does a Calmbirth course cover?

- How are Calmbirth courses run?

- Are Calmbirth courses appropriate for women having a Caesarean Section?

- When should couples attend a Calmbirth course?

- What makes Calmbirth different to other Antenatal and Birth education classes?

- What is the role of the birth team? Partner, doctors, midwives, doulas etc.

- What is the most important thing couples should do to prepare for birth and becoming parents?

If you’re trying to chase down her recommended resources, look no further…


- Ina May Gaskin “Guide to Childbirth”

- Rhea Dempsey “Birthing with Confidence” & “Beyond the Birth Plan”

- Heng Ou “The First 40 Days”

- Oscar Serrallach “The Postnatal Depletion Cure”

- Elly Taylor “Becoming Us”


- The Possums Clinic with Pamela Douglas

And to find out more about Calmbirth head to:

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Photo by @erinheuserphoto