Kate Visser: Breastfeeding FAQs Part 1

96% of Australian women intend to breastfeed but at 4 months of age only 39% of babies are exclusively breastfed. Clearly something is going on here. Today I speak with Lactation consultant, midwife and mum of two, Kate Visser about some of the common issues and questions that arise around breastfeeding. As part 1 of our conversation we cover topics including:

- What is an IBCLC and why is it important to get breastfeeding advice from the right people?

- Is pain while breastfeeding a bad thing?

- Why does nipple damage occur, is there a way to avoid nipple damage, and what can help heal nipple damage?

- What is tongue tie and does a tongue tie always need to be cut?

- How can we know if we have a low supply of breastmilk? What are signs to show this?

- How long does it take for breasts to refill between feeds?

- Does breast size affect milk supply?

For the rest of this conversation make sure you listen to next weeks episode as Part 2 of our conversation!

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Photo by @gracefullbirth