Kate Visser: Breastfeeding FAQs Part 2

Kate Visser is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to breastfeeding. As a midwife, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, and of course, a mum to two little girls, Kate has an abundance of practical experience and current research based knowledge. Kate has recently released a fabulous online resource ‘The Ultimate Breastfeeding Guide’ which is exactly the type of preparation pregnant women should be getting stuck into.

In today’s podcast episode Kate and I continue our conversation into the common questions or issues that arise around breastfeeding, following on from Part 1 last week. Today’s topics in particular include:

- Is it okay to breastfeed your baby to sleep?

- Does giving a bottle overnight mean the baby will sleep longer?

- What are current recommendations when it comes to breastfeeding and alcohol?

- What is important to know when it comes to co-sleeping/bedsharing?

- How long should babies breastfeed for?

- Is there any nutritional value in breastmilk after age 1?

- How can I continue to breastfeed once returning to work?

- Does falling pregnant again affect your breastmilk?

- How does tandem breastfeeding work?

- What preparation should women be doing if planning to breastfeed?

I can’t think of a mother that hasn’t thought about at least one of these issues so jump onto your podcast app and listen in!

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