Krystal Richardson: Molar Pregnancy, Chemotherapy & Twins

Pregnancy loss is one of those topics that is a bit taboo, sometimes awkward to talk about and often kept in secret. However, more and more women today are seeing the positive side to opening up about their experiences and sharing what is actually a really common and hard-to-go-through experience.

Krystal’s experience is more on the rare side of the pregnancy loss spectrum. Having experienced an ‘early miscarriage’ she then discovered that actually she’d had a molar pregnancy. And from there, her hormone levels didn’t decrease as normal, instead they started to rise again and she was diagnosed with gestational trophoblastic disease which required months of chemotherapy. After putting work and starting a family on hold to get through treatment she finally was given the all clear to start trying again for children and in what almost seems a fairy-tale ending, found out she was pregnant with twins!

Today, Krystal’s twins boys are 1.5 years old and Krystal opens up about her past few years. She goes into the emotions around having a miscarriage, explains from a midwifery perspective what molar pregnancy is and shares the beautiful story of finally finding out she had twins on the way.

Krystal also gives advice on what to say and what to definitely not say to our friends and family who may be experiencing pregnancy loss.

This is a raw conversation about a journey to motherhood which isn’t your average story. It’s definitely worth listening in, so jump across to the listen tab or find the episode on you podcast app.

To connect with Krystal message her on Instagram @krystal.richo

Krystal shared these resources as helpful in getting through the tough times:

- Facebook closed group: ‘My Molar Pregnancy Support Group’

- Cancer Council support line 13 11 20

- Bears of Hope

If you want to speak to someone around perinatal mental health the PANDA Helpline is: 1300 726 306