Laura Watt - Postnatal Physiotherapy

Pelvic floor dysfunction is often seen as a normal consequence or symptom of pregnancy and postnatal life. But as physio Laura Watt shares “just because it is common doesn’t mean that it is normal”. In today’s conversation Laura shares how important pelvic floor rehab is following childbirth. We talk through topics and questions including:

- Why should women see a women’s health physio after giving birth?

- Guide for returning to exercise following birth, including timing and specific exercises.

- What issues or complications to look out for once resuming exercise?

- Why are pelvic floor exercises important?

- What is diastasis recti?

- Why is abdominal separation is problem & what can be done about it?

- What is scar massage & how do you do it?

- When should you have sex after giving birth?

- Is it normal for sex to hurt after childbirth?

- Does babywearing damage pelvic floor?

- What are some signs of pelvic floor dysfunction?

If you’re needing a gentle reminder to look after yourself, and you haven’t checked in with a women’s health physiotherapist since giving birth (even if that was years ago, and even if you haven’t got any worrying symptoms) – book yourself an appointment just to make sure everything’s A-ok!

To connect with Laura find her at:

- Physiolates, Holgate NSW

- Instagram @laurawatt_physio

Photo by @iamelleharding