Madeleine Murray: Menstrual Cycle Awareness

How well do you know your menstrual cycle? Do you know the day you ovulate each month? Do you understand physiologically what’s going on? Did you know that the changes that come with your menstrual cycle affect more than just whether or not you make a baby each month? This episode, midwife and natural fertility teacher Madeleine Murray shares how tuning in to our own menstrual cycle can act as a tool to knowing ourselves better and living life in a way that is connected to our body’s needs. Maddy covers topics and questions including:

- Why is it important to track our menstrual cycle?

- Maddy shares how understanding her cycle has changed how she lives her life

- What is happening in our bodies throughout our menstrual cycle? Looking at our hormones, ovaries and uterus, follicular phase and luteal phase, what’s normal and abnormal…

- Why are some menstrual cycles irregular?

- How do we know where we are in our cycle – physical signs or symptoms? Should we use tracking apps?

- How can we use knowledge of our cycle to either help us get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant (contraceptive)?

- What has our cycle got to do with our libido, appetite, mood and energy levels?

- What are the four phases/Inner Seasons and how can we take advantage of these?

- What changes do we as women, but also society as a whole, need to make to mentally understand and accept women’s cycles?

- Maddy shares a bit on her experience tracking to conceive

If you’re keen to connect with Madeleine you can find her on Instagram @the.cycles or through her website:

Photo by @sarah.smiles9