Melissa Spilsted: Hypnobirthing Australia

Antenatal education is not only known to positively affect a woman’s birth outcome but also her perception of birth. But there are so many different options out there, from hospital classes to private classes… How do we know what is going to be best for us?!

MINI SERIES! WOO! Over the next month or so I’m bringing to MWK ears a range of interviews about different antenatal education courses.

This episode I speak with Hypnobirthing Australia founder Melissa Spilsted about one of Australian families most popular antenatal education course. Melissa talks through topics including:

- Her own positive birth experiences

- How she discovered hypnotherapy and started Hypnobirthing Australia

- What is hypnobirthing?

- Why is birth education important?

- What do the Hypnobirthing Australia/Hypnobubs courses cover?

- Is a Hypnobirthing Australia course just about achieving a vaginal birth?

- Do women having a Caesarean Section need to do birth education classes?

- What makes Hypnobirthing Australia courses different to other antenatal/birth education options?

- What is the role of the birth team?

- What is the most important thing a couple can do to prepare for labour, birth and parenting?

+ so much more…

To find out more about Hypnobirthing Australia courses check out these links:

Hypnobirthing Australia

Hypnobubs online course

Positive Caesarean Birth Course




And here are Melissa’s recommended books:

Dr Sarah Buckley “Gentle Birth, Gentle Parenting”

Michel Odent “Birth & Breastfeeding” among other books…

Photo by @katecarltonphotography