Monique Cormack - Nutrition when trying to conceive, pregnant and postnatally

Sydney-based Nutritionist Monique Cormack shares practical and evidence-based advice on women’s health with particular focus on fertility and preparing to conceive, pregnancy and the often-overlooked postnatal period.

Monique, mum to identical twin boys, shares some of her experiences struggling with infertility, managing horrendous morning sickness through pregnancy, having a premature birth and touching on what postnatal life looked like for her.

Monique also covers some common misconceptions around health and nutrition in pregnancy, gives advice on whats important to prioritise as well as why its so essential mothers are advocating for and looking after themselves once their baby arrives.

Some of the questions we explore include:

- Nutrition tips for couples trying to conceive

- What pregnancy supplements should I be taking? What’s most important? Why are there so many options?

- What foods should be avoided in pregnancy?

- What foods should we eat when pregnant?

- What are probiotics and prebiotics and should we be taking them as supplements?

- Practical tips for managing nausea in pregnancy?

- What does the research say about caffeine/coffee – is it okay in pregnancy?

- Is it normal to lose your hair after having a baby? And any tips for dealing with postnatal hair loss?

- How can we be replenishing and nourishing our bodies after giving birth?

- Should we be requesting extra blood tests postnatally for things like iron levels and thyroid function?

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