Nadine Richardson: She Births Antenatal Education Program

Antenatal and birth education is so important in preparing women and their partners for birth and parenthood. But the amount of options for courses can be a bit overwhelming… So today I speak with Nadine Richardson, founder of She Births, all about her scientifically verified childbirth classes. You’ll get an idea of what to expect from the She Births program as well as a look into topics including:

- Why is birth education important?

- When is the right time to do a She Births course?

- What does the She Births course cover?

- What makes She Births different to other Antenatal/birth classes?

- Is She Births appropriate if having a Caesarean Section?

- What is the role of the birth team?

- How has Covid19 affected women’s access to childbirth education and early parenting support?

- Why is mindset so important when it comes to birth and parenting?

- How can one navigate conscious decision making?

For more information about She Births head here:

- Website

- Instagram

- Facebook

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And if you’re looking for the recommended books Nadine mentioned these are the ones to chase down:

Sheila Kitzinger classics like Birth Crisis

Janet Balaskis New Active Birth

Photo by @bethmcqueen_ of @danibonnor