Newborn Issues Requiring Paediatric Support

You never want your baby to be the one that needs assistance at birth, help with breathing or an admission to the special care nursery… but it does happen.

In today’s episode I speak with Paediatric doctors-in-training Freya and Anne from You’re Kidding Right Podcast about some of the common issues that arise in term newborns in their first week or so of life.

Some of the questions and topics we cover include:

- What signs show a well baby at birth?

- What is the Apgar score?

- What happens if a baby isn’t breathing at birth?

- What is involved in initial newborn resuscitation?

- What is TTN (transient tachypnoea of newborn)?

- Why is a temperature so bad for a newborn?

- What is the range of temperatures considered normal for a newborn?

- What is a pneumothorax?

- What is CPAP?

- What is jaundice and how can it be treated?

- What factors increase the risk of a baby developing jaundice?

- Why do babies get taken to the special care nursery?

- How much weight should a baby gain in it’s first few weeks of life?

- Is it normal for a newborn to lose weight?

- Tips on how to cope with having your baby in the special care nursery or NICU

Freya and Anne also mentioned another podcast that could be helpful to listen to if parents do have their baby in the nursery or NICU and want to hear from other parents who have been through it:

- Too Peas in a Podcast

To hear Freya and Anne on their own podcast, check out

- You’re Kidding Right Podcast

- And find them on Instagram here

Photo by @coastal_life_photos