Pamela - Three Premature Babies

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

In today’s episode I speak with mum of three Pamela about her experience with premature babies. She had her three sons at 35, 34 and 33 weeks which has meant she’s spent a lot of time in NICU and Special Care Nurseries. Pamela shares some challenges and some positives from her experiences. We cover topics like:

- Pamela’s experience of premature labour

- Baby being transferred to a different hospital for higher care

- What it’s like first holding your baby when they’re so small

- What did day to day look like whilst baby was in the nursery

- Pamela’s breastfeeding experience with premature babies

- Managing nursery life with older kids

- Explaining what’s going on to the older kids

- How to cope with setbacks in baby’s progress

- How can people help support families who’s baby is in the nursery

And much more.

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Photo of little Kosta at 33 weeks