Real Breastfeeding Experiences

It’s World Breastfeeding Week, so to mark the occasion I have two of my high school besties chatting with me about their real experiences of breastfeeding. If you’re a mum, or you’ve spoken to a new mum before you’ll know that breastfeeding is often actually really hard. We are often led to believe it’s ‘natural’ or ‘instinctual’ but many women don’t find it that way at all… and in fact, it’s more of a skill that needs to be learnt by both mother and baby.

There are physical reasons why breastfeeding might be challenging eg. the mother having flat or inverted nipples, having a premature or unwell baby, or even the newborn having a severe tongue tie. And then there are also common issues that make persisting with breastfeeding hard including sore or cracked nipples, mastitis, a baby that attaches poorly and much more.

So, this episode is all about sharing the hard side of breastfeeding, along with some amazing and lovely things that make persevering worth it. If you’re eager to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding for mum and baby, or to hear from some lactation consultants of many topics and FAQs around breastfeeding, then scroll back through Mum Will Know history and find episodes 6, 7, 27 and 39.

I hope this episode is helpful in preparing you with better expectations around breastfeeding, or it can help you feel like you’re not alone in the hard, painful times.

Whatever your breastfeeding experience or journey has entailed, you are the best mum for your baby.