Summer Safety

Australia in Summer is known to be beautiful, warm and an ideal holiday destination. Although, with the sun and outdoors also comes snakes, spiders, sunburn, dangerous tides and rips, and a whole host of other potentially dangerous risks… especially when thinking about our kids! It can be somewhat overwhelming, and the idea of taking your kids to the beach or away camping might feel too much of a hassle. But, as I always rant on about, education and being prepared can set you up with the information and skills to equip you with confidence for whatever is to come.

So as we head into Summer, Rach from Tiny Hearts Education has generously shared some top Summer Safety tips.

Topics and questions we cover this episode include:

- Sun safety – sunscreen, sunglasses, what to do if child is sunburnt?

- Bugs, bites & stings – insect repellent, what to do if your child is stung or bitten?

- Outside play – when should we take our kids to ED? What symptoms are serious and should we look out for?

- Babies put everything in their mouths… is this bad? Are there plants that are poisonous and should be avoided?

- Babies heat tolerance – how do we know how many layers a baby should wear and how do we make sure we don’t overheat babies?

- Is it ok to leave you child in the car when paying for petrol? Is it safe to cover a pram with fabric shades during summer?

- Water safety – what to look out for around pools and beaches


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